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“Sleep training was a MAJOR WIN for all of us thanks to Baby Sleep Journey! It worked better than any of us expected and I’m feeling like I can get part of my life back. My husband even commented today how nice it is to have some of our evening free time again and he thanked me for getting help. It’s a total game changer…and a million times worth it!

          – A Happy Family –  

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Newborn Sleep Roadmap

0-16 Weeks

A printable week by week guide, with simple easy to follow action steps that cover the first 16 weeks of your newborn’s life.

Are you pregnant or have a newborn and are looking to build your confidence as a new parent? Do you want to gain some tools that would help set both you and your newborn up for sleeping success? If your answer is YES…then this “Roadmap” is for you! It’s never too early to begin laying healthy sleep foundations! Learn more about what’s included and how it works.

Sleep Training Roadmap

16 Weeks – 24 Months

A step-by-step sleep training guide designed to help your LITTLE ONE begin sleeping through the night and taking longer naps. 

Are you struggling with inconsistent naps and unpredictable schedules? Are you exhausted from trying to get your baby to fall asleep and needing you all night long? Are you confused by the constantly differing “sleep training” information out there and just aren’t sure where to begin or what’s right for your baby? If your answer is YES…then this “Roadmap” is for you! Learn more about what’s included and how it works.

One-on-One Coaching

16 Weeks – 24 Months

This options includes my Sleep Training Roadmap, access to our private FB group, plus personalized and unlimited one-on-one coaching from myself.

Do you think you’ll find better success with a more one-on-one connection? Are you looking to have “instant access” to myself when you have questions come up along the way? If so, this option is definitely where I am the most “hands-on”. You will have unlimited access to me via email(phone calls/texting available when necessary) until your baby is 2yrs of age. Learn more about what’s included and how it works.

Happy Families

I’m still amazed that our son is now sleeping through the whole night and in his own room! We initially attempted sleep training on our own around 10 months, however it was very painful, with hours of crying and we weren’t making progress. We gave up after a week and moved him back into our room. Our son had been sleeping in our room ever since, consistently waking up several times during the night wanting to nurse, and I wasn’t sure any of us would ever get good sleep.

At around 17 months a friend suggested using a sleep coach, recommended Baby Sleep Journey, and I figured we had nothing to lose. I was skeptical, but I decided it was time to make a change for both my son and I. After speaking with Charity and discussing our situation,  she reassured me that I wasn’t alone and that our sleep issues could be addressed without the painful hours of crying that we had previously experienced.  The sleep “roadmap” that she created clearly outlined exact steps for both nighttime and nap training. I could hardly believe my eyes when I watched our son through the baby monitor lay down on his own, in his crib and proceed to sleep the whole night starting the VERY FIRST NIGHT!!

Consistent sleep at night has been a total game changer for our whole house! My husband was even more skeptical than I was but is now thanking me for getting support, and we are enjoying some of our evening “free time” together again. I highly recommend working with Charity to get the sleep that you and your baby need and deserve. She is great to work with, very supportive and responsive, and delivers incredible RESULTS! I only wish I had started months earlier!!

Carla C. – Idaho

Our son was 5 months old when we started having trouble with his naps. He only took 30 min naps most of the time, 4 times a day. His night time sleep was great so I decided to work on his naps, trying to extend them to at least 1 hour. It totally ended up backfiring and caused his night time sleep to get worse.

I reached out to Charity for some advice and help with his naps and she was awesome! She guided us through dropping a nap, and gave me some simple steps and a sample schedule that we were able to fit to our son. He started taking longer naps and his night time sleep went back to normal! He became our happy little guy again!

Charity is so encouraging and very informative. She really helped me have the confidence to make additional transitions later down the road. I know I will be using her advice for years to come with our future babes!

Kyra L. – North Carolina

Creating structure around my daughter’s sleep habits and routine was one of the best decisions we made as parents. From the beginning, we had issues with my daughter’s sleep habits but we kept expecting it to improve with age. Getting her to sleep was such a struggle – she would wake up from naps every 45 minutes and could not sleep through the night. I had all of the normal questions and doubts about sleep training…”would it work for us” or “can I find a plan I feel comfortable with and follow through with it?”

However, working with Charity has been an absolute lifesaver. My daughter began falling asleep completely on her own and taking much longer naps, which helped her sleep better in the evening. Charity worked with us and created a plan that allowed us to help my daughter get more sleep but respected our parenting style and comfort level in the process. We are forever grateful for the sanity that she restored in our house – sleep is SO important!

Raina H. – California

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I’m Charity.  It’s so nice to meet you! Come along with me on this journey and together we can discover a new kind of REST for both YOU and your LITTLE ONE!

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