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I'm Charity

If you and your child aren’t sleeping, you don't have to navigate this journey alone. I'm here to give you the guidance and support you deserve, so your entire family can get the rest you need. Come along with me on this journey and together we can discover a new kind of REST for both YOU and your LITTLE ONE!

My Journey to Becoming a Sleep Coach:

For 12 years my career was a full-time Nanny. While spending these years working one-on-one with many babies, I realized that one of the most common struggles every parent and baby seems to face is that of SLEEP! Successfully implementing sleeping strategies that WORK, and helping babies learn to fall asleep on their own for more restful and restorative sleep became one of my greatest skills and passions.

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My Hope

"For years I was trusted to care for the most precious part of a parent’s life...their BABIES! My hope is to be that same trusted partner for YOU during your Baby Sleep Journey, Helping you navigate the world of your little one’s and into the future! My online sleep guides offer age-appropriate strategies that are both emotionally-connected and effective."

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Sleep Guides

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Newborn sleep Roadmap

Beginning the journey of parenthood is a monumental experience, and I understand the challenges that come with ensuring both you and your newborn get the rest you need. My newborn sleep guide is designed to support you through this crucial time. (0-4 months old)

What You Get:

  • A week-by-week sleep guide covering the first 16 weeks of your newborn’s life.
  • Understand how to read sleep cues, set up a safe & ideal sleep environment, get rid of day/night confusion, establish flexible routines...and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Build your confidence as a parent with no cry, science based approaches and gain the tools to LOVE the newborn stage.

This guide is designed for new moms who want clear & actionable steps to create the proper sleep foundation for your baby, right from the beginning. (0-4 months)

purchase ($27)


Sleep Training roadmap

Exhausted from restless nights and short naps? Drowning in baby sleep advice? From short naps to daytime schedules to night sleep, following this DIY sleep training guide will help your baby develop strong, independent sleep habits using a simple, emotionally-connected approach. (4-24 months)

What You Get:

  • A comprehensive 20 page guide with the tools needed to get your child sleeping 10-12 hours at night(outside of feedings!)
  • Understand age-appropriate nap schedules, ideal sleep environment & bedtime routines, how to handle night feedings, how to deal with “Regressions”...and MORE!
  • Sleep training technique for nighttime and naps so your child learns how to fall asleep independently.

Perfect for exhausted parents of 4 to 24 month olds, who know something has to change and need guidance without the price tag of working one-on-one.

Purchase ($67)

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The Game Changer

Following “The Sleep Training Roadmap” has truly been a game changer! My husband even commented how nice it is to have some free time in the evening again, and he thanked me for getting help. It’s a major win for all of us!

Carla C.

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More Than Just Help—A Lifesaver

“The Sleep Training Roadmap” was a lifesaver during the most challenging times. From lengthening baby’s naps to removing night feeds, I couldn't have done it on my own. I will be using this advice for years to come with our future babes!

Kyra L.

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Transforming Chaos into Calm

With guidance from The Sleep Training Roadmap, what felt like an overwhelming chaos (of night wakings and short naps)... turned into a manageable routine for our 5 month old. It provided practical advice that actually worked for my family, and I highly recommend this guide!

Courtney H.

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A Supportive Approach

I had all of the normal questions and doubts about sleep training, but I’m so glad I pulled the trigger. “The Sleep Training Roadmap” is just the right combination of support and results. Sleep is so important and we are so grateful for the sanity that was restored in our house!

Raina H.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see sleep training results?

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If you are consistent and following the plan accurately (this is extremely important!) results and progress will be seen within 1-2 weeks! Typically nighttime sleep falls into place first and naps take a little longer for your child to learn and master.

Can I still bed share and sleep train?

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While you can certainly buy the guides to learn about the ideal sleep environment, daily schedules, bedtime and nap time routines, etc. you cannot technically teach a child to learn independent sleep while bedsharing. This would require your child to be in their own sleep space.

Will there be crying involved with Sleep Training?

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While I do not advocate for the “Cry It Out” method (this means allowing your baby to cry without entering the room AT ALL or doing ANY check-ins) some crying is going to be involved no matter what. We are making changes to your child’s regular sleep habits and this can be confusing and frustrating to them at first. The Sleep Training Roadmap will equip you with the necessary tools to handle tears at nap/bedtime so that you can respond to your child in a consistent way without resorting back to old habits. For more information on sleep training studies and its safety & effectiveness CLICK HERE.

Can I room-share and sleep train?

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You can! If your child sleeps in a safety-approved crib or pack-and-play in your room, it is still possible to sleep train. I teach you the exact steps of how to set-up the room for achieving the best results inside of The Sleep Training Roadmap.

Ready to say goodbye to those sleepless days & nights?

Get Your Sleep Training Roadmap TODAY!

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You're not alone on this journey. Have questions or need quick advice? I’m here to help you navigate sleep.

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