The Sleep Training Roadmap

This how-to guide will help you:


  • Get your baby sleeping through the night (10-12 hours per night) SO THAT you can be a well rested Mama again.
  • Create the best sleeping environment SO THAT your baby gets restful restorative sleep.
  • Teach your baby how to fall asleep independently SO THAT you don’t spend hours holding, swaying, bouncing, or rocking to sleep. 
  • Learn how to handle multiple night wakings and how to wean night feeds when desired SO THAT there is no guesswork.
  • Get your baby on a healthy nap schedule, taking around 3 hours of naps per day SO THAT you can have some “me time” again.
  • Boost your confidence! With a thorough sleep plan and a FB community for support…you can find SUCCESS!

What’s included?


  • A downloadable step-by-step sleep plan(for ages 4 months – 2 yrs) built to fit your family’s needs and help you overcome those sleepless days & nights. ($200 value)
  • Both nighttime and nap training which will allow for sleeping through the night and longer more restorative naps. ($75 value)
  • Sample schedules and routines for EVERY AGE and nap stage. ($25 value)
  • Access to our private Sleep Training Facebook Group where you can receive additional support, ask your questions and stay up to date with any Q&A sessions, videos, blog posts or other resources provided. On top of all that, it’s an amazing place to build community with other moms who will be taking this same journey with you! ($100 value)


LIMITED TIME OFFER = JUST $47 (price will go up soon)

~“This is working better than any of us expected and I’m feeling like I can get part of my life back! My husband even commented today how nice it is to have some of our evening free time again and he thanked me for getting help with sleep training. It’s a major win for all of us thanks to Baby Sleep Journey!!”~

Important Note:

By purchasing this program, you understand that your baby will likely display some form of “protest crying” while learning the skill of independent sleep. Baby Sleep Journey utilizes in-person check-ins during the process so that baby knows they’re not abandoned, their needs are met, and parents stay involved in their progress. Your baby should be at least 16 weeks old and unable to climb out of their crib to begin this Sleep Training Roadmap.