The Newborn Sleep Roadmap

This week-by-week guide will help teach you:


  • The keys to establishing a healthy sleep foundation.
  • How to recognize and follow your baby’s sleep cues and wake windows.
  • How and why to avoid the “feeding to sleep” relationship.
  • How to set up the best bedroom environment. 
  • What the E.A.S.Y. schedule is and why you should follow it.
  • How to perfect the “Dreamfeed” to allow for longer stretches of nighttime sleep.
  • …and MUCH MORE!

What’s included?


  • A week-by-week guide(digital PDF download) covering all things SLEEP during the first 16 weeks of your baby’s life. ($150 value)
  • Sample schedules and routines for your reference. ($25 value
  • Support through our private Baby Sleep Journey Tribe FB Group where you can ask your questions, and stay up to date with any Q&A sessions, videos, blog post, or other resources that may be provided. Even more than that, it will be a great place to build community with other moms who are taking this same journey with you! ($100 value)


LIMITED TIME OFFER = JUST $27 (price will go up soon)

—“Baby Sleep Journey’s Newborn Roadmap has been an absolute lifesaver. As first time parents, it really gave us the confidence we needed to get started on the right path to healthy sleep. My daughter began learning early on how to fall asleep on her own and  take good naps, which helped her sleep better during the night.  Because we set good foundations from the beginning we never needed to go through a formal “sleep training” process as she got older. We are forever grateful to have had support and a clear plan during the first 16 weeks of our daughters life and I truly believe it made all the difference – sleep is SO important for EVERYONE!”—