I’m Charity.

It’s so nice to meet you!

Hey Mamas!

I have partnered with many families over the last 8 years as a Professional Nanny, now turned Sleep Coach! Moms just like you have invited me into their homes in order to bring a sense of peace and “normality” to their household and have trusted me to care for the most precious part of their lives…their BABIES. My hope is to be that same trusted partner for YOU during your Baby Sleep Journey, helping you navigate the world of your little one’s sleep, now and into the future.

After spending numerous years working one-on-one with many local families, I realized that one of the most common struggles parents and babies seem to face is that of SLEEP! Successfully implementing sleeping strategies that WORK and helping babies get more restful and restorative independent sleep became one of my greatest passions. So, I finally decided that it would be selfish of me to keep these strategies to myself and it was time to get out there and help as many of you lovely moms and babies as I could. That is where my dream of Baby Sleep Journey began! Come along with me on this journey and together we can discover a new kind of REST for both YOU and your LITTLE ONE!