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What Is Sleep Training and Why Is It Necessary?

Charity Bevan

February 7, 2021

I’m a HUGE believer in the benefits of good sleep for both babies and for parents. But should you sleep train? That is the question. The answer is one that only you can give.
Are you happy with the current state of both you and your little one’s sleep? Does your baby take consistent naps during the day and sleep mostly through the night with ease? Are you a well rested mama who wakes up each day able to put your best foot forward for your children and family? If so…then your answer is probably no, you don’t need to sleep train. Whatever you are doing is working so keep it up!
But maybe your scenario looks a bit more like this. Your little one wakes up multiple times in the night crying for your attention. You find yourself up in the wee hours of the morning because your baby decides that 5 am is a great time to start their day. Naps during the day are a complete struggle. You’re having to constantly rock, bounce, sway, swing, nurse or feed a bottle, give a pacifier over and over, or possibly hold your baby for hours just to get them to fall asleep. Let’s say those circus moves actually work and they do fall asleep…30 minutes later they are awake again. You are exhausted, your baby is fussy and cranky and something just HAS to shift. If this sounds like an all too familiar story….then maybe the answer of sleep training for you is a big YES!
Here’s the Deal.


It’s all about healthy sleep habits.


Whether you call it sleep training, sleep coaching, gentle sleep solutions, etc…it doesn’t really matter. The point of it all is to create Healthy Sleep Habits and to help guide your baby to understand that he/she can fall asleep independently without help from you. How to do this is exactly is what I plan to tackle here on the Baby Sleep Journey blog. I’ll be sharing all sorts of tips and tactics, cheat sheets, schedules, product recommendations and so much more!  Click here to join the Baby Sleep Journey Tribe Facebook Group where you can receive support from myself, be a part of a community of moms just like yourself and stay up to date on future posts!
Why do I do what I do?
Because I believe getting healthy, restorative sleep is a skill that needs to be learned and cultivated continually. Not just by babies…but by toddlers, teenagers and adults too. Changes happen all throughout our lives that cause us to need to adjust our sleep habits. For those of us that sleep well, it’s likely because we have figured out a system that works best for our bodies. We as adults constantly find ways to relax our body and mind through various methods such as meditation, drinking a cup of tea, taking a bath, reading a favorite book, shutting off all technology, diffusing essential oils, using white noise, listening to music, etc.
Is it too much to think that babies might need the same amount of attention to discover what helps them get quality sleep? Definitely not. Granted, they may not be as complicated as us adults and they may not need to meditate the “cares of the world” away as we sometimes find ourselves needing to do. However, they have SO MUCH going on in their little brains and bodies during these first few years of life, which leads to a lot of developmental milestones that they are tackling on an almost daily basis. Most babies will need some guidance down the path to healthy sleep during this time. Learning independent sleep via sleep training is the #1 way to lay a great foundation and quickly improve your baby’s sleep now and into the future. We help our children learn to breastfeed, eat food, crawl, walk, talk, and one day ride a bike. They learn those skills because we are there to guide them. Sleep really is no different.
The good news is…there is a complete ROADMAP that can be followed in order to help babies get the best sleep they possibly can. Which in turn allows YOU to be getting the sleep YOU need! Successfully implementing sleep strategies that WORK and helping babies gain more restful and restorative independent sleep became one of my greatest passions!  For more information on how Baby Sleep Journey’s “Sleep Roadmaps” can help you, just CLICK HERE.

No More zombie life.


So…no. You don’t have to suffer through sleepless nights for the entirety of your motherhood. You don’t have to walk around like a zombie feeling like your head is barely screwed on straight. You don’t have to be so completely exhausted that all you want to do is lock yourself in the closet and not come out for days. And no…you don’t have to give up on all of your own passions, hobbies and things that make YOU smile and enjoy life!
That is not the price you pay for motherhood.
At least it doesn’t have to be. Will there be hard days?….OF COURSE!! Will there be sleepless nights…OF COURSE!! But it doesn’t have to be the norm. It can be the exception. It is possible to enjoy motherhood while being well-rested, ready to face the day and excited to see what adventures lie ahead! In fact, why would you choose to live any other way?!?


Join the tribe.


I have a true passion for seeing both moms and babies be happy and well-rested!  I have a knack for this baby sleep thing and my expertise and experience comes from over 8 years of being a full-time nanny. Working 8 hours per day or more, 5 days a week, for 8 years straight with different families, different dynamics, different babies, different personalities…I’d say I’ve learned a thing or two. So…I decided why keep it to myself??  That would just be selfish. This information is way too valuable.
That is why and how Baby Sleep Journey was born!
I’m making it my mission to help as many families as I possibly can with a struggle that I KNOW is quite common. I’m here to EDUCATE the beautiful moms out there who are trying to understand better how to help your little ones sleep. I’m here to EMPOWER you with the tools needed to reach that destination of WELL-RESTED, HAPPY and HEALTHY baby and mama.  Last but not least, I want you to be ENCOURAGED that you are not in this ALONE!! I’m excited to watch the Baby Sleep Journey community grow, support and get to to know one another. I hope you’ll come along with me on the Journey. I’d love for you to join our Baby Sleep Journey Tribe Facebook Group and together we can discover a new kind of REST for both YOU and your LITTLE ONE!

Charity Bevan

I have partnered with many families over the last 8 years as a Professional Nanny, now turned Sleep Coach! Moms just like you have invited me into their homes in order to bring a sense of peace and “normality” to their household, and have trusted me to care for the most precious part of their lives…their BABIES. My hope is to be that same trusted partner for YOU during your Baby Sleep Journey, helping you navigate the world of your little one’s sleep, now and into the future.

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